Saturday, February 04, 2006

Leaking Caramel

In a recent showroom experience with a member of the public, I showed him the step by step process of making individual creme caramels. I grabbed some small ramekins, made the caramel and coated the bases. I then mixed the custard poured it on top and into the oven they went. When I pulled them out, I explained they they are best chilled overnight, and to come back tommorow to try one. He then looked at me with an intellegent look on his face and asked me to explain how the caramel ends up on the top of the custard when its served. He was genuinely quite confused because i had poured the caramel into the bottom of the dish, but he was sure that the caramel was meant to be on the top. He believed that the caramel somehow rose slowly to the top overnight in the fridge, and this was the reason why I wanted him to came back the next day to have the dessert. Both myself and his wife took the piss out of him! This is what he wrote in an email to me...

Hi Anna,
Did the caramel appear at the top when you turned them
over on
Friday? I'm sure it did, altho I still think it would have leaked thru
somehow! Send us the address of yr blog so I can see my sin trumpeted
over here.

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