Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Broome October 2007

Well, I keep forgetting to bring my camera to the internet cafe so I can put some photoes up here. Oh well. Next time. It is as beautiful here as I remember it. I have changed alot though. And because I dont drink all through the night these days, I am not so in awe of the lifestyle here. Its too hot to be out and about during the day, so early morning and late evening are the most comfortable times of the day. I used to love this place because I was a night owl. And being a night owl is bliss is this climate. I am 10 years older and I like to sleep at night these days, so I dont feel the same way about this place as I used to. I am glad I have come to see it again. I dont want to move here though. I love my home. I look forward to returning and settling down for a while. 3 big trips in one year is a little unsettling. My pot plants are dying or dead, I miss my partner and my dog. Time for me to nest when I get home. Oh, and buy a great new laptop! Cant wait....

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