Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Broome..

When I was pregnant I went to Broome. I was originally going there as an artists retreat (and a step mums retreat). I was taking myself, and my art materials, some books and a camera. A week before I left I found out I was pregnant. My fiancee and I decided to elope, so he ended up joining me there, and we got married on the beach. I did not do much art while I was there after all. My first trimester of pregnancy left me so so so so nautious, that the smell of watercolours, and trying to focus on the paper was too much for me. I did however do these 3 watercolours. I took these pictures with my phone and sent them to my fiancee, while he was still in sydney preparing to meet with me later. I forgot I had them, and stumbled across them, whilst browsing through iphoto on my (now) husbands macbook.

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