Wednesday, November 12, 2008

vege garden on its way!

this is sharon, kylie and cheryl... they used to be free range, but they ate all my pot plants and I was sick of all the poo in the now they are behind this fence. poor things...

the soil took a day to move from the pile on the driveway to this

i am growing seedlings, and I have bought some too. now I just need to buy some more hay, to mulch the vege garden, then I will plant the seedlings. Oh I cant wait. My first vege garden. I feel all "maggie beer"... only urbanized!


Sally said...

I am astounded. So so lovely. You are the ultimate urban goddess. I am loving your blog.

Flying Colors said...

This is an inspiration! I planted seeds also this year, they are in the basement under grow lights :-)

But the good weather is coming... I'm going to get some hay also... Your dream garden came out fabuloso!!!!!