Tuesday, November 18, 2008

vegetable garden continues

my seeds have sprouted, so I planted them today in there prepared beds. I have 6 beds, and am going to rotate them each season. I will post the progress of them. I have planted 
1) Tomatoes and Basil
2) Beetroot and Carrots
3) Corn
4) Radishes, Silverbeet, Cucumber
5) Lettuces
6) Capsicum, Green Beans
I also scattered around loads of flower seeds. I cant wait to see what comes up! Now that the chooks have stopped eating all my pot plants, I have some lemongrass, and curly parsley growing again! In hanging baskets I have put vietnamese mint, common mint, sage, golden marjoram, and strawberries. In my herb garden I have rocket, thyme, oregano, habernero chilli, continental parsley, and 2 types of basil growing very well in this humid spring weather!

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Sally said...

Oh my I am in love with your vege garden. I want to come and see it. Can't wait to see the progress shots