Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christmas eve dinner menu and plan

having a small baby will mean I am going to prepare as much of this as possible in advance. All dishes are to be served cold, as it is most likely to be hot on Christmas Eve here in Sydney. I will serve buffet style, so guests can serve themselves. 

Duck Rillettes with Cherry Confit and Crispbread (image from Vogue Entertaining Australia )ct/Nov 08) I thought about making this, but I would prefer to spend time with my baby, so I am going to send my husband out to the very good italian deli in Mona vale, to get some Maggie Beer Pate, and some of my favourite Duck Liver Pate. I will crack open a bottle of cornichons and some crispbreads to go with it. simple, rich, delicious, christmassy....
(image from Gourmet Traveller Nov 08)
Salmon Gravalax served with Crisped Baguette and Horseradish cream. I thought about making this too, but am going to order some of the delicious Smoked Salmon from my supplier Kirk Food. Then I will stir some horseradish through some sour cream, and wash a few salt packed capers clean and put it all on a plate with slices of fresh baguette. Yum!

(image from Delicious Christmas 08)
Baked Ham with a Spicy Lime Glaze. I have some left over lime marmalade in the back fridge, so I am going to mix it with some amchoor masala (a spice mix i made a while back) and spread it all over the skinned and scored ham. I will bake with a little water at the bottom of the pan it till it colours nicely...about 2 hours.
(image from Dona Hay Magazine December 08)Roasted Turkey with a Sage and Chorizo Stuffing. I will make a stuffing by sautéing some onions, chorizo sausage and garlic till fragrant. I will dump that mix into a bowl with fresh bread crumbs that I will make by grating an Italian unsliced Loaf, and chopping through some fresh sage from my herb garden. A little salt and pepper too. Then I will chuck the bird in the oven and cook it till its done. Easy peasy. Got to love baking, the oven does all the hard work! Oh...and I will serve with some Cranberry Sauce.
Salads (image from Delicious Christmas 08)
 I  will do a Tomato, Bocconcini and Basil. I will dress it by sprinkling some EVO and some balsamic vinegar over it. Asparagus, Rocket and  roasted chopped Hazelnuts. I will dress by sprinkling some hazelnut oil and some raspberry vinaigrette over the top. Classic Potato with Creamy Grain mustard Dressing (homemade mayo, sour cream and grain mustard), and lots of mixed fresh herbs from my garden.
Individual Brandy Christmas Cakes with Brandy Custard and Vanilla Ice cream. I will buy these from fiasco and debacle

White Christmas, Panforte, and Coffee and Tea. (image from Dona Hay Magazine December 08) I will make these using old womens weekly recipes. They are fail proof!


Smoked Salmon
1 8-10kg Ham
1 Turkey
Duck pate, Maggie beer Pate
6 Chorizo sausages

2 baguettes
1 loaf bread (unsliced)

Fruit and veg
Sage, Dill, Basil, Rocket, Marjoram, oregano, Garlic chives, Thyme, Mint (from the herb garden)
1kg Cherries
2 Onions
6 Bunches Asparagus
4kg Tomatoes
5kg Desiree potatoes
1 bunch Shallots(green onions)

Salt and Pepper
Brown Sugar
Mixed Spice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Raspberry Vinegar
White Vinegar
2 cups homemade mayonnaise
Bingo Custard Powder
Lime Marmalade (homemade)
Whole grain Mustard

1 Tub of Bocconcini
250g Plus 2 Cups Sour Cream
Vanilla Icecream
2ltr Milk
16 Eggs

Fiasco and Debacle
Christmas cakes (individual)
White Christmas 

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Sally said...

Geez, having xmas dinner in your house would be such a drag...NOT. This looks delicious. In fact I know it would be delicious as I was so lucky to have xmas dinner at your house many moons ago.

You truly are superwoman