Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I started doing this sketch with my 7 month old wedged between my foot and the couch I was sitting on. He soon lost interest though, and wanted to eat the pen, and the sketch book. I had to stop and finish it after he went to bed.
This room is the holiday home of a friend called Steve. The property is 3 hours drive north of Sydney in a place called Dungog. We went to have a look, to see if we like the area enough to move there ourselves. Coming from the city to a place way out in the bush/country is a daunting , yet delicious prospect! I lay awake most of the night completely freaked out by the remoteness of the place. I was thinking of the movie "wolf creek", and "deliverance". Neither I have seen, but the shorts were enough. I kept worrying about what I would do if a man and an axe were to come onto the property in the middle of the night. Then I worried about snakes, and spiders and rats and possums! Now I am home, I am exhausted, loving all the noises coming from the neighbours house, and grateful to be in civilization again. Oh....but I long to move to the country too!? How is this city chic going to overcome all my fears????
Anyway...... I finally finished this drawing late at night, when all but the axe murderer were asleep. Very "CLANDESTINE" of me dont you think?


Bella Sinclair said...

I love the lines and strokes here! Very nice work. And would that be your little boy peeking out in the corner?

From what little I've seen of Syndey, and from what friends tell me who live there, it is a magical place to be. There's the city and the harbor and all the beautiful sights to see. I don't think I could tear myself away.

indigene said...

Lol! I know exactly what you mean! I grew up in NYC and now live in a quiet suburb in Pennsylvania. Talk about culture shock! I also realize I watched too much TV growing up...lol! Country living is an acquired taste, and great once you have it. The key is to live close enough to a city to go back! :) Cool line work! :)

messyfish said...

yes bella thats my boy. he was only there for half the drawing time!