Thursday, December 18, 2008

my little squirrel

my baby wearing redfishcircle's onesie. 
It arrived in the mail today along with a print, some fabric, and some bibs I ordered. It was SOOOOO exciting to get these beautiful original artists items. So nice to have something not so generic in this world of franchising and multinationals
I only recently discovered Etsy. I found out about it by clicking on bloggers' Etsy shop links. I am so happy to have found it. It is an amazing resource for artists and crafters to sell their stuff. I know that when I am just making stuff and sticking it in the cupboard it can get a little disheartening. I am so amazed by the number of people out there that are making things and selling their stuff. It makes me wish I had something to make and sell too! Then I realized that I make and sell small handmade cakes all day every day. I even saw that Etsy has a baked good section. I am not sure how that would work here in Australia with our "pure food act" laws??? I cant seem to find a way to search for australian shops in Etsy AND baked goods at the same time, to see if anyone else is doing it here. 


Sally said...

Ooooohhhh this is lovely. Yes he is a cute little squirrel!!!

melanielee said...

ohhhh he' just yummy isnt he'