Sunday, January 04, 2009

Creative Every Day

This is the REAL Mona Lisa in the ACTUAL Louvre in Paris!!!! (and me...Yep...I WAS THERE!)
I have somehow stumbled across another blog where we are challenged to be "creative every day". I love the way I can be part of an online community with people I have never met, who all have similar interests. The internet is an amazing way to connect for me, as I have a young baby, and the only time I get to myself is when he is sleeping. Late at night, when he finally goes to sleep, I take the time to do a little art, blogging and lots of image viewing on the net. Illustration Friday was originally my starting point. From there I have discovered so many amazing artists. It is inspiring to see beautiful art and illustrations. I love the way I can view it at any time (especially late at night). I never watch TV anymore!
I also read on a few blogs that a word can be choosen as an inspirational tool for the year. I choose "ACCEPTANCE" . First I must break through the denial, then surrender and accept what is. If I could do this, I would be alot happier. I hope to base some of my creative pursuits around this concept of "ACCEPTANCE".


Genie Sea said...

The blogging community is a growing, wonderful thing. It's better than any empty social network or online peep show! It's full of life and creativity in all its forms. I love it! It's definitely superior to TV! :)

Awesome word for 2009!

Anonymous said...

i have been blogging for over a year now, and i have been doing illustration friday and other challenges here and there the entire time. it has been so worth because my art wouldnt be anywhere near what it is now if i never would have started on this journey. there is another challenge being put on by another awsome artist named MISTY MAWN. check out her site...

Steve Emery said...

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your art.

And I can't believe how SMALL she is! (Miss Lisa there behind you.)