Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Art Journal

I am seeing the use of the Moleskine a lot (check out this beautiful blog of Kathleen Rietz), and I keep going to buy one. When I see the price, I baulk, and end up coming home empty handed. Any way, I have been using the Daler-Rowney hard cover sketch books for some time now, and really love them. They have 150gsm acid free paper inside them. Some I have used "wisely" and I love all the pages I have filled, and the most recent one currently in use I have filled with heaps of shitty sketches, that I should have done on cheap cartridge paper. Oh well!!...hee hee hee. I saw this new shape of the sketch book on my latest visit to my favourite art supply shop, and I to have it. I have decided to paint the cover (as inspired by the moleskin blogger Diana Evans here) and I am going to dedicate it to the month of February. My husband is going to Kashmir, and my step son to Bali. I will be here with the big scary Maxy the dog, and my gorgeous little baby. I imagine with the change of energy in the house, I will have a few feelings. I intend to use this book to "art" it all out. I am looking forward to the space and the quiet, and being able to find things where I leave them. Oh! and not being woken up in the morning by the big boys!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the color that you chose for your art book cover. I will have to check out the technique. I hate those blah black covers that most sketchbooks have. I was just thinking about makeing a cloth cover for the journal I am taking on vacation.

I am happy to have discovered your blog through Julie's blog.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What kind of paint did you use on the cover? I didn't find a tutorial about how to do this. Have you done this before?

messyfish said...

Hi Lisa,
I hate the black covers too!. I used gesso mixed with some acrylic. I have never done thi before, but it is holding up "so far so good". Oh, and the illustration is done with a Staedtler permanent lumocolor pen. I am glad you like the idea. I hope you do one soon so I can see yours

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you for the tip.