Monday, January 26, 2009

Pastel Play

I went to the art shop and picked out a few new pastels and some lovely coloured pastel paper.  This is a super quick doodle I did to see what I thought of the colours. I never new that I could use water and a brush to smear them around. I like that effect too...I am sure I will keep playing with these for a while now when I get a little time to myself in the art room! 
Not long till the end of the month. So much is going to change in my life. My husband goes to kashmir for a month, and my step son goes to live with his mother for even longer. At Creative Every Day the theme for the month will change to using words in art creative projects. I am looking forward to this and will be able to use it as a type of journal for the month that lays ahead.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never used pastels before. At Christmas I asked my daughter for just "one" pad of colored paper. She bought me several pads of colored paper that were for pastels. I hated to tell her that it was all wrong. I guess I will have to get me some pastels to play with. It must be a directive from the Creative one to go in that direction. I like yournew colors.