Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

I am still shocked , appalled and disgusted by the consumerism I experienced at Christmas time. I become victim to giving and receiving a large number of crappy plastic and synthetic things all made in China. Empty gift giving. Huge amounts of packaging. Step child who still wants more, and its only been a few weeks, and doesnt even play with what he got. Baby with way too much Fisher Price and probably thinks the world is made of plastic. I invited lots of people to come eat. I worked hard, they ate. I am paying the bills still. Two Christmas's ago I ran away to Kolkata. I was on a train going to Varanasi on Christmas Day. I was in a Hindu country, and still could not escape Christmas....but I DID escape the large amount of souless spending and consuming. I promised that last year I would feed the needy and go volunteer somewhere. I brainwashed myself into not doing that with the phrase "its baby's first Christmas". HUH! What a fool I was. Am i going to teach him to dislike Christmas as much as I do, by insisting with old family traditions and uncomfortable rituals? Please someone remind me next year to remeber the "buy handmade" pledge I took. One gift only each...and it must be handmade. Help the needy by donating my time, dont put on a ridiculous opulent consumer oriented party for those who are better off cooking for themselves... bloody hell. I am the one with the baby! Why m I still doing all the work!? ahhhhhhh glad thats out of my crazy head. thanks for listening

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