Monday, January 05, 2009

Whoops, there goes the new years resolutions already

Well I just ate a very hot Thai Green Curry, and drank a big glass of Chinotto, then finished with some White Christmas. Hmmmmm not very macrobiotic is it!? Oh well. I love tomatoes and bocconcini and olives too much to be macrobiotic ALL the time. So I am scrapping that one from my new years resolution. Maybe I will amend it to OCCASSIONALLY I will eat a macrobiotic meal. Yep, that sounds much more doable. 
Cloth nappies (thats a diaper if you are from the US) on the other hand are still on my list, and I have been walking the dog again. (POOR Maxy the dog). I pretty much shunted him when my baby was born. I feel so bad! Anyway, I will make it up to him by walking him again. He had a nice swim down in the lake tonight. Its a hot night, and so still. The lights were so pretty on the water.

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Anonymous said...

oh cloth diapering is so good. i did it for the first time with my third kid, and it wasn't near as bad as i thought it would be.