Monday, February 02, 2009

His Gone for a Month

My Husband left to go snowboarding in Kashmir for a month about an hour ago. I was happy for him when he went to Alaska 2 years ago, but Kashmir is different. I have a terrible sense of doom, and now he is the father of my son, I dont feel good about him going. I hate being so self centered, but thats the way it is for me. This Pastel is how I feel about it.
 I am hoping the anxiety leaves me shortly, and I can enjoy the last month of summer. Kids are back at school, holiday makers have left the area, and there is a wonderful calm energy of late summer in the air. The cicadas are chirping, I just finished a novel (love a good summer read), and I am ready to plant out the vege garden with seeds for an autumn crop!


soulbrush said...

i love your name, and your art! he will be fine, men love danger (they can't cope with any emotional stuff!!!)will be visiting you again.

The Gypsy said...

I like this - it really expresses what you said you're feeling. Intense.

Serena said...

I hope your hubby has a fantastic and safe time in Kashmir though I do understand your worry.