Monday, February 09, 2009

Little Birdy Gets Out And About

I decided I couldnt stand it anymore, and am using the old Canon Pixma camera with the cracked display screen. I dont know what I've shot until I download to computer. I kind of like the mystery. Its a little like the old days of film....?!!

Little Birdy visiting the chooks
Little Birdy having a chat with Maxy The Dog
Little Birdy falling in love with Cheryl the chook
Little Birdy sitting in the Bay Tree


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a cute post. I like seeing Little Birdies' territory.

Flying Colors said...

Oh for the tropics! I use to live in Venezuela :-)
Have a wonderful week... Cool chickens cute Birdy!

yoon see said...

She is a great traveller.
I love her passionate traveller soul. Hope to see her again!

marianne said...

I often have the same problem, but that´s because I don´t have my glasses on and even on the display I can+t see it........
These have turned out very nice!
Happy Cactus Monday!

Julie said...

what fun with your broken camera! little birdie is so awesome in her environment there! i esp. like seeing her in the little bush!