Thursday, June 25, 2009

I could not resist!

I have put some photos on my little USB drive, and come to Picton Library. I am blogging again! YEH YEH YEH. I will not let Telstra (thats the local telecommunications company that I hate hate hate) stop me from communicating via Internet. The long saga of why I have not had Internet for over a month now is not worth going into, but if you are familiar with Telstra, then I need not explain anyway. Unfortunately out here in the country I do not have a choice of companies, and I must persevere with this hopeless and annoying and badly organized atrocious company!
I found this GIANT sized month the day after we moved in. They come big out here in the country. Oh, and I always thought those red mushrooms with white spots and fairy's flying around them were only found in picture books!? But I found some of my very own, down the back of the bush. I was so excited I ran with baby messyfish back to the house to get a photo!


Flying Colors said...

Oh so good to see you back. Makes my heart sing to know you will still blog a long and that you figured out a way!

Looking forward to more posts and look that moth and little rooms... Many hugs to you.

I have been slow to blog due to intense deadlines. But things will slow down a bit in a couple of weeks.
I will be shipping all the work for an exhibit around the first days of July!

Oh so, so glad to come here! Hugs and hugs :-)

messyfish said...

Thanks Lisa, I have been thinking of you! I hope your exhibition preparations are going well. You are an inspiration. I will work towards an exhibition one day too! Good luck and may you have success with your exhibit. xxx

Julie said...

Oh hi again, Messy!!!!! So glad to see you! Hope you are getting all settled in, and hopefully the internet will get settled in too, SOON!!!!!
Those red mushrooms are awesome!!!!! WOW! I have never seen anything here like it!!!

Diane C. said...

Hi Messyfish, What a big moth, and so cooperative with the camera! Hope you're enjoying your new place. Nice to see you. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is great to see you here again Messy Fish. It drama of move and dealing with companies UGH. Please persevere, we miss you.

You have found some treasures in the country. I can't wait to see all.

Serena said...

Lovely photos! I must admit I've never had a problem with Telstra though I have heard they can be quite difficult with their rural customers. :(

Cheryl said...

Here's hoping that the giant moths don't take baby Messy Fish off to the land of fairies and MORE brightly colored mushrooms. Great shots. Thanks for sharing!