Monday, July 06, 2009

Felted Santa (skinny one!)

The body and head
added the white fur, a hat, and the face.
You can see his size when compared against my hand
Finished santa, standing on Mr Messyfish's laptop, and against a bag from my favourite material shop in Bowral.

Its July, and COLD outside. Here in the Southern Highlands, there is a tradition where we celebrate "Christmas In July". In accordance with my "Handmade" pledge(see sidebar), I am making a skinny santa from Australian Merino Wool. I  have also ordered some dried fruit(Australian) from my bakery goods supplier with the intention of making some Christmas Puddings. I love Christmas cooking!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have always wondered where the christmas in July came from. I guess it came from the cold hills of Australia. The santa is very cute. Your new room must be working its magic on you.

Rhonda in OK said...

I like your skinny Santa - kind of like Santa is dealing with the tough economy too.

melanie said...

Santa rocks, I mean really. I think he's great.
I'm loving your felting.
So happy you are blogging again Yippppeeeeee

Julie said...

I wish you would sell your felted peices in an Etsy shop...I would love to have some santas and birds!!! This skinny Santa is are an amazing felter!!!

messyfish said...

thanks Julie! thats what i want to do, but I am waiting for Perfection first(what a curse:-(