Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday!

Or rather "Sad Cactus Monday!" I have been trying to get back into the swing of Cactus Monday, but my cactus are a little cactus. How can I be inspired by these poor dying things? They have not enjoyed the move to the cold and windy southern highlands. Perhaps I need to bring them indoors?
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PAK ART said...

This is exactly why I don't have plants. Mine die. I have some at work that are living well....when I remember to water them.

Julie said...

My goodness, Messy...only the graftd top of your mooon cactus died! The others just look like they need a little love! Keep them in the sunshine for sure! I think they will look better in no time!

Happy cactus Monday, girl!!!

soulbrush said...

julie knows her cactuses...soon they will blossom and thrive. we all droop a bit after a move ...tee hee. smooches to baby mf today and happy cm fellow cactuteer.

Outside In said...

Do you keep it in direct sun? they only like morning sun, also the soil is important to have sand and pebbles in it for fast drainage.

Happy Cactus Monday!

messyfish said...

Outside in, ok thanks! will give it a once over and check it out!!
Julie, the wind is full on here, and they dry out, and i never water them....maybe I should move them...but tiss too windy and cold out there!
Thanks Soul, lots of kisses for Baby MF for sure!!

Flying Colors said...

I feel as though your cactus' are a bit in shock, but some look like they are thriving. So happy you are back and getting settled.
My best wishes to you and Baby Fish's recovery.
A big hug to you - HCM!!!

Dee said...

Happy Cactus Monday! I am sure with everyones advice they will be looking perky in no time!
Everything I bring inside dies- I moved my houseplants outside one by one! :)

messyfish said...

thanks Lisa, thanks dee. I think I might be the same as you dee, an indoor plant is a dead -plant!

Teri C said...

With all this great advice, you will surely have success. Show us the cacti again in a few weeks so we can see how they are doing.

My cacti thrive on neglect. :)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your cactus look a lot like mine when I bring them inside for the winter. Not enough light. HCM anyway.

Diane C. said...

Happy Cactus Monday, Messyfish! Just like you, your cacti are just getting used to their new surroundings. They look fine. :)

yoon see said...

Messy fish, please don't be discourage.
I only have a few pots....a few cactus too. I have no quality time for gardening, so just take care a few only!
I will write to you on facebook later.
Sorry for the delay. You are a brilliant person that I want to be friend. Sorry to drop by late.
Look like, I am late at other areas too. Too tire lately!
Happy Cactus Monday!