Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My first Cushions

I am learning to sew. I borrowed a library book that had a few pages on sewing cushions. Lucky for me I must be a member of the last library on earth that does not charge overdue fees. I have such a fear of sewing and making a mistake, that I renewed the book, and then finally copied the pages before returning it 3 days late. I know that a beginner should be buying cheap material, but one of the highlights of moving to The Southern Highlands, is that there are shops in little renovated houses in the back streets of the main village that are dedicated to selling the most exquisite materials and all sorts of other crafty items. When I spied this material, I had to have it. I had to own it. Its handprinted in France, and pink and green is my most favorite colour combination. I love the "exotic" theme...reminds me of the India I do not dare visit again for a while before Baby Messyfish is a little (actually alot) older.


Lynn said...

1. Bravo for teaching yourself to sew.
2. Bravo for doing such a good job.
3. Bravo for turning out an amazing pillow in the fabric and colors that you loved.
Can't wait to see your next project.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very good Messyfish. I think this is gorgeous. Learning to sew it a fablous thing. You can do so much when you know how to sew. This coming from someone that can't sew a straight line. But hey I can't walk straight either according to the instructor at the dog obedience school that told me that "if you would walk straight your dog could follow you". Cheers.

Serena said...

Well done to you for learning to sew! The cushion turned out fabulous and, I too, love the exotic theme. You must be feeling very pleased with yourself and rightly so.

Our libraries don't charge overdue fees either....oooooops, that reminds me, Brad has some items that are overdue....will do that today.

Julie said...

Oh what a beautiful material and job you did!!! I am jealous...but so happy you are learning to sew!!! I can sew, but I hate to...I have a love-hate relationship with my (or any) sewing machine!!! LOL!

PAK ART said...

You have so many talents. Just think if you got a book on anything you wanted to do and could learn to do it all! I love your cushions. I should make some to brighten up our living room.

Flying Colors said...

These are beautiful! You are so inspiring... now I know your colors, Huggies :-)