Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have taken the good advice, and finished this christmas decoration as is. I could not bear to continue. It was reminding me of something from the past...and i wasn't liking it. Its  too
"country craft"...for my liking. I dont know how this happened but I suspect it was a combination of me following directions in a book, inexperience with sewing, and choosing all the traditional materials and colours to sew with. Next batch, I hope I am able to break out of the mould a little, and be a little more interesting (for my own sake!!)


melanie said...

Bring on the multi coloured reindeers i say.
Give Santa a make over'
Never stop' Hey I checked out Made It and i'm going to start there...I opened account and just need to do the pics upload sometime this week, i will.

messyfish said...

Mel-yeah for you!!! that is an amazing step forward. I am going to go multicolored vintage x-mas decorations next!!

PAK ART said...

I agree - if your gingerbread men were purple or your stockings in paisley I think they would be more interesting. I love your style on all of your stuffed animals.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Here lime green, turquoise and fuschia are the "in" christmas colors. UGH... So you see, you can do what ever color you choose. What ever makes your heart sing "its beginning to look a lot like christmas". :)