Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Christmas Crafts

Taking my lead from this book
I am still pursuing the christmas crafts with a green edge. I want to celebrate christmas this year by enjoying my family, not running around buying dumb stuff from china (made from plastic). Part of the festival celebration involves decorating the house with handmade items in a build up to the actual day. Here is a very simple, yet fun thing I have done.

Cut shapes from recycled cardboard. A telstra  wireless modem box (dont get me started on them again) that uses a ridiculous amount of cardboard is a good start.
take photos for your blog tutorial
dump a big bag of paper bits that you have hoarded onto the ground
trace around the cardboard shapes onto the chosen paper. I used some art from my friend Kris, paper given as a gift from Beth, and sample paper I procured dishonestly from a supply company by impersonating a graphic designer.
Glue the paper onto the cardboard and punch a hole in the appropriate place
Thread some lovely wool, and some beads for glamour.
take photos for your blog
then stash in the christmas decoration bag in the top cupboard of the spare room, hope you forget about them, and then get a lovely surprise in December when you bring them out again.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun and so glamorous too.

Ariad said...

I love them! I want to have a simple xmas this year too, no cheap and nasty crap just the good bits, the family and fun etc.
Thanks, might get the kids involved in helping make some of these.

Michelle Eaton said...

What a fun idea. I might try make some home made decs this year.

Lynn said...

I Love your box of beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely ornaments too. well done.

Evelyn Howard said...

OOOh, I need to get motivated! Well done, keep being creative!!!

Jenn said...

Love it! Very beautiful idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
Merry Christmas!!
glass-block-crafts.weebly.com (free Christmas craft and decorating ideas ebook!)

Anonymous said...

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