Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Papasan Chair Vege Garden

Continuing from this post
I had some dirt delivered
lined the chair with "weed mat"
positioned it so it would get full sun. (the original place meant that I had to cart the dirt tooooo far, no thanks!)
fill up with dirt, and watch the whole thing collapse!
hmmmmmm..... And worse, I still have more than 1/2 a square meter of dirt left! 
I want chooks again too...sigh....
I am planting it out with seeds tomorrow. I will post about it again when I have some seedling action. Untill then, I just cant go there again.
PS I am renting...I am not insane enough to have so much ridiculous lawn, infact I would not be putting dirt in a chair in the first place if there was not so much dumb lawn. I would have the whole 2 terraces of lawn removed, and planted out permaculture style...ah bliss, just the thought cheers me up.


Vicki Holdwick said...

I think the garden in the chair is a lovely idea and would never have predicted the collapse of the chair.

I think maybe chooks would be easier!
Am I right? Are chooks chickens?

Fresh eggs = YUM!


Renu (midnitecreations) said...

I used to have a papason a long time ago and eventually gave it away. I think you're idea to use it for gardening is a fabulous idea, and if it had worked, would have been pretty cool!

Sara @Soulspackle said...

Oh have I had days like these, but go you for having such a sense of humor about it all! Your comment about renting and having so much ridiculous lawn made me laugh out loud.. I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Best of luck to you, what a grand idea..

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Well, that darned chair. What a slouch. Plant it up anyway. What lovely looking soil too. It looks so rich. I hope you have lots to eat from that seat.

Serena said...

A nice idea though the papasan chair didn't seem to think so. :(

I hate renting for the same reasons.....I LOVE the idea of permaculture!

Caroline said...

Ooh no!! Oh, don't you just hate it when the best laid plans don't work out?... Oh, well, I'm sure you'll make the best of it - I bet you'll get some good stuff out that darn chair even if it doesn't want to behave!

Julie said...

Hi there! I was reading a few blogs while here at my MIL's house and thought your chair would look really neat as it is (broken) with some sort of pretty flowering plants that will trail over the broken edge...or have succulents (like hens and chicks) running out onto the would have to pour some dirt to run fron the lowest point right out onto the ground and plant then all trailing down to the ground! I think it would be lovely. Then you could plant whatever you want in the other end...pretty cool! Will love to see how it turns out. I really loved your idea here!!! If I see one of these chairs along the road I will try it also!!!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

I love this story! I love seeing the failures as well as the joys of creativity. I thought it was a wonderful idea!!!! and I think it could still work if you were able to prop the outside with rocks or something.