Monday, March 01, 2010


It's all about perspective. I have been struggling with listening to my heart and fighting with the values instilled in me as a kid. 4 days till my 40 th birthday and it's time (overdue!) to believe in myself and follow my heart...
Pencil drawing whilst sitting at my desk pondering life!


Julie said... will love being 40-50 age is such a fun have your health and you are just more wise and your child will grow up and start school. You have my's the best time of your life!!!

Beautiful drawing!!! I like drawing with a pencil also, but I am not good at is still really fun though!!!

PAK ART said...

That's a really nice detailed sketch - lots of values and contrast. I'm just a year from 50 and I agree with Julie, the 40-50 was/is pretty good. I'm looking forward to the 50-60 because I'm getting close to retirement and the future is beckoning!

aimee said...

oh i know all about that struggle and you've summed it up so well here in one tidy paragraph. i'm on the road to 40 this year, too, going through much the same thought process. art is a great tool for combing through it - lets us document, reflect, spill, and ask questions about it all.

great still life - i've never mastered it! i've tried, but i think because i know i'll never be able to capture it just the way i want to, the jars of pencils start tipping and pens start spouting ink in my still lifes.

happy upcoming birthday!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My 40's were my fondest far.

Serena said...

Oooooooooooh...I LOVE your pencil drawing!