Monday, April 19, 2010

Nature walks

We go on a walk nearly everyday. We are lucky that our property backs onto a national park. However I am not big on " bush bashing". I prefer a path any day! Across the road behind the bush is a disused rail line. There is a great path beside it. We walked to the chicken farm today that has cows. Little messyfish asks nearly everyday if he can see the cows.

Sunlight behind a gum leaf.

First wattle of the season.

The rail line.

Watch it maxy! They might moo at you....

Ooohhhhhh ahhhhh I have an itch.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

When my children were LMs age there was a small pasture behind our house where the neighbor kept a cow. We named it Brownie and fed it carrots or apples. We got attached to Brownie and was sad when it was taken away.

Julie said...

What a sweetest of sweet Mom you are! I love taking my grands to see everything in teach and see them appreciate is everything to me! You will lo ve being a Grandma one is awesome beyond compare!


nature walks are always good for the soul :)