Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Every Day Matters # 1

Every Day Matters Challenge 
1: Draw a shoe
I choose my green adidas sneakers. I prefer red shoes, but I do like these green ones.
Prismacolor Pencils in A5 visual dairy


Lynn said...

a well done shoe...looks like it's ready to walk right off the page!

Eve said...

Oh Snap, that is so cool. It's too cute this sneaker. hahaaa

Anonymous said...

Great fu, love the green .. hope it's not smelly .. lol

Marshmallow Beanie said...

Love your shoe! I think I remember you wearing the Adidas sneakers. Thanks for your lovely comment! Made me smile and feel better too. Yes, King Winter Hoooraaaahhh. Can't wait to see him in your photos of down your way.

Have a lovely day!

Serena said...

Fantastic drawing!

katiecrackernuts said...

Great colour pencils sketch. I caved and bought the Derwents. The Prismacolours were wayyyy expensive at my Riot store. I kept rereading the price to make sure the box and the tag equated to the same thing. Eek.
And yes, lifelong learning for the sake of it is important. Yup, that's an eggshell I stepped on right there. The study - the first tertiary study attempted, ever - was all about a career change. Woe is the person who discusses career change, age or study in our house at the moment. Woe!

Julie said...

You have inspired me to try EDM's! I posted my shoe tonight!