Friday, June 11, 2010


Start with the basic colours and stab away untill the basic shape is formed.

Adding the darker green. I didn't have an exact colour match in my wool stash unfortunately.

Adding the stem.

Ta da! A wool felted pumpkin for our nature table. It's a little late as autumn has just past. But it's still appropriate as pumpkins are plentiful at the farmers markets still. Super cheap too!
For more nature tables check out The Magic Onions.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

THis pumpkin is fabulous. You can make wool do most anything.

Julie said...

You are so good at this!

Did I ever send you over to my blog pal, Marys' place to see her felted creatures?? She makes animals in jug bands so far, and a couple of other really neat things...she has a new blog and has posted a lot of them in the sidebar! If you want to take a peek, click HERE!

I am sitting up here at 2am, and thinking about how you do the same thing in the night...just finished a redo of my mug EDM! LOL. Couldn't resist!