Monday, September 20, 2010

Carob zucchini cake anyone?

Sounds bad... Where's the chocolate and cream you ask??
Believe it or not this cake is divinely moist and sweet and chocolatey ( but caffiene free!)... And healthy sort of.
cream 90g butter with 1 tsp vanilla and 3/4 cup brown sugar
stir in 2 free range vegetarian eggs
add 11/4 cup rye flour, 1/4 cup organic carob, 1/4 cup organic soy milk, 11/2 cup organic zucchini grated
mix lightly, put in grease loaf tin and cook at 180c till it is cooked (about 30 mins...depends on your oven)


Caroline said...

Sounds and looks scrummy!

Vic said...

Yum! We're going to the bulk food store today, now I reaaaallllly want to get some carob to make this! Vic xx