Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chirp !

It's spring! And we made pompom chicks using 100% wool rovings. The beak is made from pure wool felt.
It's fun and safe and easy to do when small humans insist on taking it from you half way through and giving it a go. I just wait a while, start another, then pick it up when he is done and finish it off. Little messyfish believes he helped make it!
I got the idea from "Creative play for your baby". Borrowed from the library.


Umatji said...

ah! I have that book and just made my one year old a chick for his birthday. Funnily enough my four year old loves it and the one year old ignores it. Typical. Yours made with rovings is lovely though!

Melissa Ellen (the storytree at Honeybee) said...

Very sweet! Pom Pom making is so much fun - really like the effect with the rovings. We're currently making paper blossoms - so happy that Spring is here!

PAK ART said...

I love that idea! You are such a patient mom and seem to spend so much creative and valuable time with little messyfish.