Sunday, September 05, 2010

Oh this wind!

I am not sure I can take it anymore. It's driving me crazy. So we made a kite.

Thin dowel was used. String tied it all together.

Cut tissue paper the same shape (x2) and sticky tape to both sides.

Tie on a tail.

Attach string to the top and bottom and join in the center with the ball of string that will be used to fly it.

Fly that kite! (pardon blurry pcs but we were moving fast!!)

Even the cows came to watch.

Look how high it went (small dot in center of pic).
We flew it till it was dark, and little messyfish in perfect "continuum concept" mode took himself inside to be warm by the fire. It was so much fun. I almost want the august winds to stay....


Julie said...

You did a great job building the kits!!! I am really performed well. I know Little Messyboy loved it!!! :)

I enjoy the wind...there is just something magical about it!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

One of my fondest memories is being with my Father flying a kite. I wasn't much older than LMF. You are creating such wonderful memories.

Umatji said...

i love that you stayed till dark. my favourite bit in a lovely post.

Caroline said...

Fantastic - a real homemade kite! Such fun for a little boy and his Mum!!

Serena said...

Great work on the kite! I remember making kites when we were much fun!

PAK ART said...

That brings back some great childhood memories for me! I love the wind!