Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday glimpses

We finished our Natural sandpit. First have 1/2 ton washed sand delivered. I had ours dumped under some trees that will provide shade in the afternoon. Dump it directly on the grass. Do not line it with plastic. Children like to dig all the way to china... And a plastic lining will halt progress. Then search around the land for extreamly ridiculously heavy logs. Use handmade billycart to lug them up to sandpit. Place all around the pile of sand. This provides an uneven and therefore creative boundry for walking and balancing on, setting up shop, fences and forts, storing play equipment etc. Much more fun than a straight edge! Add natural items such as shells, terracotta saucers and pots, polished rocks, wooden spoons and child size wooden handled gardening tools. Enamel cups, bowls and plates are good too. So are the Turkish coffee makers. Just look in kitchen wear and Asian grocery shops for scoops and tools etc that are not plastic.
Let toddler play any how they like. Addng water is fine as there is no plastic lining so it will drain away naturally. Carrying sand and throwing it outside the pit is all good too. Another load can be delivered next year. Provide stainless steel colonders for sifting leaves and sticks out.

Digging, climbng trees, and running running running. We are all blessed in messyfish land.

We ate lunch with the monks today at our local Buddhist monestry. Our prayer flags have been busy with the big winds we have been having. Grateful today the winds have eased.

No more wheat or dairy for me. Homemade rye bread is our new staple. It's dense and moist and wholesome.
Wishing you all a creative week...


Vic said...

Again, great sandpit! I really need to go wheat and dairy free again, maybe you'll inspire me ... or maybe I'll just go and make another loaf of wholemeal bread? :P Vic xx

PAK ART said...

Your home looks lovely! What child wouldn't love a natural fun sandpit like you've made? It's wonderful.

Caroline said...

Lucky little messyfish! You live in beautiful surroundings - I've enjoyed browsing through your last posts! Lovely pics!

Julie said...

I love your natural sandpit. I may be looking into that VERY soon (like a day or two) for my grandkids! I have the perfect area out under a tree for it and they would just LOVE it! Thanks for showing it to us!

kellyi said...

Glad I found you today...I've been looking for a project that all my children can do together and the flags are perfect. I already have the material pre-cut, so will be doing that tomorrow.

Your home is beautiful - I envy your 100 acres...may be one day!