Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Baby food jar organic beeswax candles.

Finally finished a project started a long time ago. Found some organic beeswax on eBay from hogbay apairy thanks to norwood Walkabouts.

Make wicks with cotton yarn dipped in wax and set on baking paper for easy removal.

Push the wick in just after the top surface begins to set.

Wire for handle to hang and to carry.

Trimmed the wicks after it all set.


Umatji said...

great! I really want to get candle making - just keep forgetting to get that op shop saucepan and also the wicks! thanjks for the reminder!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a nice project. You could hang them outside when you have a party.

Julie said...

These turned out so great! I remember when you had started them! That wick making idea is interesting. Have you done that before??? I would love to try it in a few years when time avails itself again!