Sunday, November 07, 2010

Nature table and stuff

Roses from my mums garden. Pure beeswax candles, meal time blessing and little pink wool fairy.

Mr messyfish came on a nature walk with us. He got to carry the things little messyfish found.

Giving my new dress a walk... In paradise.

Started the Christmas crafts. Spices ALWAYS pick me up. Sensory therapy !?

Toddler sewing. Little messyfish and I are enjoying crafty activities. He is responding well to Montessori theories currently. It's lovely to know where to find solutions for small difficulties I face with patenting. Maria Montessori has them all...( so far).
For Waldorf inspired Nature tables this week, go visit "Fridays Nature Table" over at The Magic Onions


Serena said...

A lovely way to spend a day. Your dress looks great!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The dress fits perfectly. What a great time in the country. Your tablescape is gorgeous. Ican almost smell the roses.

Vic said...

Wonderful! BTW, I tagged you if you feel like playing! xx

Anonymous said...

i think the banksy print on the tshirt rates a mention.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I like that you have a mealtime blessing on your table. I should add one to our table.

karen said...

beautiful flowers:)