Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Creative space

Messing around with little messyfish's chalkboard while he sleeps, with my pastels.

Cooking and reading lots! The first cookbook in years to really take my interest! Absolutely brilliant. Love love love it.

Butterfly, caterpillar and bee for the seasons tree. Made with salt dough. Baked till rock hard then painted with my watercolours. Cheap, non- toxic, and can throw them in the compost when I am done!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My you have been busy creating. Looks like fun to me. I haven't found a good cookbook in some time.

Teri C said...

You are so creative with all these cute things.

Caroline said...

I love your chalkboard pic! That cook book looks interesting - hope you share something from it! Those insects are fun - very creative!!

yoon see said...

These are brilliant and cute!

Julie said...

Just got off another blog where she is enthralled by Nourishing Traditions as well!

Love your little animals for the tree!!!