Monday, December 27, 2010

Our new tradition

Christmas eve, little and mr messyfish went for a walk. I ran round the house putting up all our homemade gold stars ( painted cardboard with gold craft paint, traced around a star shaped cookie cutter). I spread out 80 tea light candles, lit all the other candles and got out the electric Christmas lights( the little fairy lights on a string). When little messyfish walked in we said that the baby has been born and the star is shinning very brightly. I placed the baby Jesus I made on the advent wreath for him to discover.
What magic. What an impact! (I am going to tell more stories using 3D forms and other elements. I want to be a puppet show maker and teller when I grow up!)
Little messyfish LOVED it! He just wondered round the room saying " beautiful mum".
So now it's family tradition. Candles on Christmas eve. Lots of them.
Baby Jesus was played with lots too. He went for many high tosses in the air. Lucky he was made of wool!
We celebrated with fresh mangoes, vanilla icecream and chocolates covered in gold wrappers.
I created magic for little messyfish and it was so simple. There is going to be more of that for his childhood. It beats having to scream a fake "wow" when he opens a present. We had real "wow's". It was the element of fire.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see that it was a great hit. A wonderful tradition. He will remember and love to see year after year.

Julie said...

What a fantastic and memorable tradition! Little MF is such a fortunate boy!!!