Thursday, January 06, 2011

Give Away

To all the amazing connections and kind words I receive on this blog. To the inspiration I get from others who blog. To the ability to visually document all the things in my creative life. To the friends I have made, who think of me and I of them, despite our physical distance. I have been able to live my dream, by moving to the country, spend days on end at home with my toddler and simplify my life. I am nourished with knowledge and ideas and visual delights...
Leave a comment on this post to be entered into the giveaway of "Kristina".
Kristina is tall and glamourous, with handsewn felt eyes and lots of blue eyeshadow. Her body is made with gorgeous Japanese cotton/linen blend bambi print material. Her arms are made with upcycled beige cords. She is an excellent listener with her big wool felt pink ears. She is open armed ready to give you a big warm loving hug, and her pink fuzzy heart lets you know she cares!

She is 40cm tall (16in) and 18cm wide (7in)
Art doll not intended for small children.

I will post to anywhere in the world.
Giveaway closes Sunday the 16th Jan 2011 midnight (sydney time)
More giveaway's to come soon too...stay tuned!
giveaway closed
The winner is Diana! Congratulaions....Ill be in touch.


uchee said...

hi messyfish, your blog such wonderful and trust me, i did open your blog EVERYDAY.. love to read about little messyfish too!

love & hugs,
uchee from Malaysia.

Sara said...

She is so cute!! I told you yesterday how I felt reading your blog. My little one and I love it every morning. So inspiring.
Thank You!

melanie said...

Yes the world of blogging is a world of wonder and creativity, shared and made all the more abundant because of the sharing...a give away' how exciting!!!
Tis a delight to share your world xox
Kristina is truly delightful and you are very clever and thinks she'll end up where she;s meant to be and how very lovely of you to do such a thing...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beauty. Everyone needs a great listener in their lives.

Julie said...

Well, howdy, Kristina? I like your pink ears!!!!!

Vic said...

She's lovely!

m.e (Cathie) said...

so good to hear all the positives that come out of blogging, it is such a great little community.
keep on creating ♥

Ebony said...

She is beautiful and your blog is inspiring and exciting at the same time.... I love the way you express things..

Diana Evans said...

you are so thoughtful!!! this piece is so pretty!!! I know someone will be thrilled to see her arrive!!!