Friday, January 14, 2011

Messy crappy possibly toxic crafts.

We had a recent bust from all natural Steiner influenced crafts. It's been fun, but I am getting back on the wagon... I am a much better parent when I am not say things like..."dont touch that, dont eat that, its not for the mouth, you have to wash your hands now, ok its all done, lets throw it our now etc". Funny how I did not realize it untill now, but steiner crafts dont require me to say any of the above things to my little boy. Its a much more peaceful craft time when dealing with natural, organic, non toxic eco freindly materials. The result for me is much more aesthetically pleasing too!

Lady bettles made from fimo. little messyfish loooves them. I steered him away from a pack of 100 erasers in the shape of lady bugs, by promising to make him some. Still "plastic", but at least they are homemade. He helped me make them too!

Painting gesso on scrap wooden boards... (garden art with mushrooms gnomes and flowers in the pipeline)

Mixing sand into the wet paint and experiencing the sensation.

"Plaster of Paris" moulded volcano. When set mix washingup liquid, bicarbonate of soda and some food colour. When ready pour over some vinegar for a messy vocanic oozing lava experience. (I happened to have black and red food colour on hand, which I would never use in actual food!)

We also put together two big bags of toys for the "poor children". Which implies we are rich.... We are not! but little messyfish can't get his head around the concept of floods yet. We are donating toys to the flood affected queenslanders.


Sara said...

Love the Lady beetles!! We are doing plaster of paris on Monday, my older one has a school holiday. So much fun!

Julie said...

What a cool lava volcano!!! Best I've ever seen!!! Love your clay colorful and fun!

Hey, I found the most amazing blogger this morning, quite by accident, and she has made a Waldorf doll also! I gave her your blog address, cause I think the two of you could be best friends!!! :)
I am sending you to her Waldorf doll post, but check out her whole blog. Just above this post she has knitted her daughter the cutest cat spy hat (with eye holes) amazing and awesome...just like you she loves living naturally...does home schooling, etc.