Friday, February 04, 2011

Giveaway winner

Congratulations won the Crazy Spacy Stacy giveaway. This one was easy. I put all your names in my sons potty. It was the closest empty container at hand. Send me your address, and I will pop her in the mail. What goes around comes around. Linda is an amazing woman who gives so much of herself and her experiences. I recently wrote a post quoting her some of her writing from the Always Unschooled Yahoo Group I lurk in...
Thank you all for entering the giveaways. I wish that everyone could win! but whilst I am happy to make you all stuff, the postage costs would wipe me out! Stay tuned for more giveaways soon xxx

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Julie said...

Hi Messy! The book my daughter has is called THE CUTER BOOK. I wonder if he made a cute one and a cuter one??? I will have to check. if not, it is the same book. Hmmm...hold on...OK, I looked at Amazon, and it is a different one, but looks like very similar projects! Do you want to go ahead and do a giveaway? Carolyn says she would like someone else to have the opportunity to have one of his books! Do I have a sweet thoughtful girl, or what? You were so wonderful to think us us!!! Thankyou! It is a fun set of books he has! I hope you were able to make some of these with Little Messyfish.
Thanks again! Julie and Carolyn