Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Always learning

This post is for me...to remind myself in the future of little messyfish's current favourite things to do...

Making shapes with his well loved ladybirds

Started a giant drawing together


Still going...

Voting at the nsw election last weekend.

Picking, collecting, roasting and tasting chestnuts for the first time. "luck!" (yuk)

Riding his bike round the house, reading Richard Scary books, playing with rainbow blocks, beading his own braclets.

Butcher hooks through tomatoes

Burying rainbow lorriket

Feeding icecream to everyone

Playing with pegs


Diana Evans said...

oh what a wonderful collection of photos!!! I love all of the amazing things you all have been up to!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Umatji said...

oh these posts will be gold in years to come. They are gold now but I am amazed by what I forget. Just wish I was the 'write it down' type but am so not.
beautiful memory post

angelina said...

hey its great to peek in on your everyday life! i love the homemade cedar blocks on the floor, my dad makes them. the CHESTNUTS!! man i love chestnuts. (tho not nice to step on..) they taste like chicken. my friends puts them in bread and its DIVINE.X

Alain Khouri said...

Hi Messy Fish,

Love your photos. The ladybirds inspired me to add beetles to my blog.

Regards, Alain

Andrea said...

We have Richard Scary books, and my boys STILL like them at 9 and 10 years old! It looks like you are having a fabulous time!