Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big school

I love our daily walks. It's been misty for 2 days now. It's magic.

Let's go down here today

Through the clover into the dark

Rain had been falling softly. My first HP was a raindrop on a blade of grass

Learning where our wood for fires comes from.

Mushrooms everywhere in rainy autumn.

I am so blessed to be a stay at home mum in THIS!!!!

Moss and fungi is everywhere on the trees here. I just love it. It's where the fairies live.

If he gets wet socks or pants they need to come off. I learnt today in big school that telling him to leave them on till we get back to the house does not work. He is too sensitive for that. That's ok with me. The sensitive ones are the great poets, artists, chefs, musicians and dancers. Who am I to tell him to "toughen up", "get over it", "stop it"? It's about developing a trusting connection with each other. Loving him for who he is....
He hugged me so hard today and said "I love you soooooo much mum". This happens alot. I am so blessed.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Brrrr, makes me cold seeing those little legs bare. I HATE wet socks and shoes.

Donna said...

you are blessed. It so lovely to read about Mama's who understand the souls of their child and just let them be :)

Anonymous said...

K's the same - if it's wet, it's gotta come off - no matter how cold it is! He's very sensitive to clothing of many types - won't wear woolly sweaters, his socks have to be totally straight, he won't wear jackets or hoodies...agghhh, makes winter hard going! We mostly rug up in trakky dacs and thermal long sleeve shirts, with a tee over the top..and i carry a jacket just in case!

I love your photo's - beautiful!