Sunday, March 20, 2011


Keffir soaked organic stoneground wholewheat pancakes. Eggs made by neighbours chickens. Local milk.

Warm nourishing setting. Flowers from the garden, little butter knife with butter on a pretty mismatched plate, warm peppermint tea for little messyfish, organic maple syrup in a little handpainted jug, organic beeswax candles, our mealtime blessing on a little card, needle felted seasonal fruit and veg in a dish with rocks and things collected on our morning walks.

Homemade bread toasted with lashings of rice syrup.
Time to serve it, eat it, wash up, read, blog, play.
I hear the magpies churtling. The mist outside is lifting. The cows chewing grass. Sitting and eating breakfast in our pj's.
We do this everyday. I have made conscious choices to not rush anywhere anymore. We were rushing to things that were not worth rushing too. This is Radical unschooling, radical homemaking. But it's not really radical at all. Normal and human if you ask me.
Oh is that the sunshine? Let's go to the Sunday farmers market little messyfish....?
(surely this can't really be my life... How did it get so good?)

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Julie said...

Your bread (once again) looks lovely and I can almost taste it. I like the idea of the keffir soaked buckwheat pancakes! Sounds pretty good.