Friday, April 22, 2011

Not waldorf

Why we are not doing waldorf anymore...

Because little messyfish just looooves textas (markers). Especially yellow and black. He draws lines and circles and "o's". He only ever builds things with his bees wax block crayons.... Never draws with them!

Stickers, especially puffy stickers of cartoon style animals are a favourite.

Hama beads. Tiny little plastic beads. He loves them. They are crappy cheap plastic. But excellent for his amazing fine motor skills. He has even taken one of his creations to bed with him.

Little messyfish likes bright colours. Pastels, and nature colours like brown and green are no fun! Lego is fun.

Beading. He has been playing with, sorting and threading beads for about 6 months now. It's the thing he does most.
I can not restrict his activities. He loves colour, cartoons and plastic. When I was trying to be as waldorf as possible (and not give him plastic toys) he would play with the corn holders (plastic) or vacume cleaner (plastic)!
When I withheld tv and screen time, the day I "let go" and decided to unschool, was the same day I found him hiding my iPhone under the pillows in the bed. He had worked out how to watch " the wiggles" on u tube.
I can have a loving, trusting and open relationship with a happy boy, or I can have a rule based, authoritarian house with a damaged and mistrustful relationship. Guess what I choose!


Fallingladies said...

Sounds like you made the right choice! I didn't even know about Waldorf when my 3 oldest were young and although it sounds appealing to live that way, I know it wouldn't have worked for me and my family either. They liked what they liked and you just do your best with that.

Lynn said...

NO WALDORF!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Have fun with your sweet little messyfish! I love that you are being lazaie faire. (not sureof the range!)

DragonMumma said...

Sounds lovely!! Home schooling is all baout finding that 'click' for your own family, sounds like thats exactly what you have done!