Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ceres garden Melbourne

Our trip to Melbourne was not planned. We stayed longer than we expected. I even thought for a minute that I could live and work here.... But NO, I don't want to put little messyfish in child care. Then the city started to feel grey, and I was finding it hard to get outdoors. I have watched ALOT of TV! Visiting relatives has been amazing.... But when we visited the inner city permaculture gardens, and I spied all that organic produce, and marvelous vegetable gardens, and groovy cafe, and sweet city hippy mums, I knew it was time to go home, time to see what's growing in my vege garden, time to visit the recycle center and build a chicken coop in time for spring. Find a solution to the compost/mouse/snake dilema. Time to grow some cavelo nero (Tuscan cabbage)! Stroll down to the river and throw stones with little messyfish without a parking fine, gather kindling and sit by the fire doing craft, bake bread, sew and paint. Yipeeeeeeee! We leave in the morning.

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