Sunday, July 10, 2011

Winter activities

Today we made "snowball" cookies. They are made using a basic almond butter cookie recipe. Rolled into tiny balls and dusted with icing sugar.

With all the baking we do, I would say preschool maths and science are taken care of.

Coconut "snowball" cookies. Using a basic macaroon recipe.

Now all my glass storage jars are full of goodness and goodies. It may be a frugal life on one income, but we are blessed in so many ways.

Mr messyfish helped me to string up an "art gallery" down the hallway to display little messyfish's art. He paints everyday. He loves to see it after it's dry. I have saved every piece he has made, except for one.... Which he still talks about!

Just incase we were worried about maths and science (which we are not) the endless playing with beads has sorted that out. Legos takes care of the rest. Natural learning rocks.

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