Saturday, December 10, 2011

Toys or Tools or same same?

Some scenes from around our home yesterday and today. Didnt get a shot of the chefs knife being used to crush garlic, and the metal skewer being inserted into the crayon.... Nor the toilet rolls being cut with scissors, the maldive fish being pounded in the mortar and pestle, the yoyo being "shot put" round the yard and the inflated beach ball being stabbed with a mini screwdriver numerous times whilst sitting on it....its getting a little hairy round here! least the toys are cheap seeing as we already had them all. Its always fun with an unstoppable 3 year old around dont you think?


Julie said...

You know my granddaughter Emily is also 3...I know exactly what you are talkin about when you say unstoppable!!!!! Phew!

soulbrush said...

OMG he is getting so big now. Maggie is also 3 and I totally love this age, all play is learning- and messing too, but heck that's part of the fun...

Threads of Conscience Press said...

Fun Fun Fun :-)
Love his creativity and freedom to express'

Anonymous said...

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