Monday, February 06, 2012

Vietnam (12) Day 9 (6.2.2012)

From my journal:
"What am I seeing? How am I changing? I could live in a small place with less stuff very easily. Food is important, internet connection is important. Little messyfish is content to watch cartoons, but would stay at the beach all day everyday if he could. Maybe we need to move from our home in the country back in Australia? There is something about our house there that saps our energy. Is it the mould? Is it the isolation? Is it because it takes 40 minutes in the car to get to anywhere?
Perhaps Ill know for sure when we get back. Little messyfish was so happy in the surf today. So happy running. He is a runner. He also loves Tom and Jerry. He loves art. I really feel like moving to Newtown or somewhere, anywhere in Sydney that is cosmopolitan. I want to do more with him. More trips to Sydney. I think Ill try the morning train, go do something, then catch the train back? Who knows, but I cant spend my days watching TV with him. OK, back to now, so tomorrow, we will catch the bus to Nha Trang town. Look for a new hotel. If we like it we will book it for 7 days starting the 12th. We will have lunch at that place on the beach they say is child friendly in the guide books, by the beach with a pool The Sailing Club, or The Luisiana Brewery? Buy some cheese, go to the bakery. Get some food for Little messyfish. I will wear shorts with wallet in pocket and travel light, so my hands are free to scooop him up if needed. Just wonder around and come back by 2-3pm."

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