Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vietnam (26) Day 23 (19.2.2012)

I want to sit in the markets and draw them and be part of them. I want to know the people, sell things, buy things and make it my life. So many photos. Clearly this is where my interest lies!

this is the street corner that Bic lives on. She helps the stall owner to set up and pack down. during the day she works in the market, and at night she sleeps on the street. She believes it is safer for her there, thaninside a house where people can not see what goes on. She is well looked after and liked by the people of this community

the meat market during the middle of the day. its is closed, and the stall holders are resting in hammocks nearby. This area is busy at dawn and in the evneings before dinner time. Vietnamese often buy twice a day. They buy and cook fresh.

fresh salads of young leaves and herbs are picked twqice a day and sold at the markets. They are eaten at nearly every meal, to be added to mouthfuls of fish, noodles, rice soup.

The produce is displayed in round flat baskets in the markets. here they are stacked and being taken away after a busy day. the red plastic containers often hold seafood, live in water.

fresh tofu and other things, i never tried, but will next time!

Inside the market are stall holders selling packaged and processed goods. there is not much of that eaten here, like there is in our western diet. but still, there is fish sauce and cilli sauce and lots of packaged noodles to be had.

My freind new the owners of this stall. i love all the kitchen ware items! The brooms made from the reeds, the little plastic stools. I love vietnam. I did enquire about ice pop moulds in here, to no avail. I will be taking my own next time!

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very tacky to my eye, but perhaps beautiful to someone else's? garlic trees! Little messyfish though they were wonderful!

dreid legumes and pulses. used in soups, serve at nearly every meal.

friendly, lovely market women

sweets, chocolates and lollies galore! Unfortunaly the chocolate in vietnam tastes more like carob, and little messyfish would not eat it, but the little wrappers and assortment was lots of fun picking and choosing!

bannan flowers are shaved finely into buckets of water at the market. people buy it "ready made". It is served with Pho sometimes.

mushrooms, tofu, garlic chives, beansprouts... a delicious looking stall

herbs for salads and soups and many other things i am yet to discover

Here is the banana flower, with the tool used to shred it into fine slivers

chilli's and limes, and accompaniment on nearly ever restaurant table for all things delicious and Vietnamese

fresh eggs, not just from chickens. Quail and duck eggs are popular too.

From my journal
"Last night in Nha Trang. Tomorrow train to Danang, then private car to our homestay in Hoi An. I NEED WANT somewhere quieter. I want little messy fish to be able to run and play without me having to constantly tell him/yell at him/threaten him to stay beside me/hold my hand/not run up in front/accross alleys without looking. Getting in the way of motorbikes constantly. Its shitting me so bad. So is the fact that he is only eating white rice, white bread, eggs and oreo's, lollypops and mentos. I am so fucken worried and stressed about it, I feel like making him eat protein and veg and fruit. he is healthy and smart and strong and energetic, but how long does that last on a fucken shit diet?
Parenting doesnt stop on holidays. I am in market heaven, and wish i could entice him into eating fresh produce...

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