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Vietnam (36) Day 36 (4.3.21012)

happy days at the 5 star resort, with chocolate icecream face

I have not journaled the last two days. Now a few months later, I have no idea what I was doing. It most likely was a repeat of the days previously. When travelling, when I finally get into a rhythm I end up repeating the same things that I do. We go to the same shop for ice creams, coffee, a place to sit, a place to walk. It seems pointless writing about it. i regret that now. I am sure that there was SOMETHING that was interesting to me.
Anyhow, my travel journal takes off again on the 4th of March. It was my birthday. I decided to treat myself. This is a very rare thing for me to do. I was proud of this moment, making that decision. I asked my home stay host Linh if there was any pools around that I could pay for a day entry too. I have read previously that this can be done in many of the 5 stays hotels. It would be expensive as far as pool visits go, but was my birthday. She was amazing! I must make a note to self. Ask local home stay hosts more often about what to do and where to go in the town. She was on the phone to a 5 star hotel on the beach front. She organised a 1 month leisure pass for me and "a guest" (little messy fish). It was $50 for the month. I could use the pool, the deck chairs, the private beach and changing facilities. I could also have 30% off all food ordered by the pool and in the restaurants, use the kids club (yes I COULD have left little messyfish with the wonderful caring Vietnamese ladies all day every day for the rest of the trip if thats what he wanted...but he didn't, but that was ok), and 30% off all day spa and beauty treatments. NO WAY! I was in heaven. We got changed and not our bike and off we rode down to the beach! It was so awesome. I just loved that ride. It was hectic and scary with large fast moving trucks weaving in and out, but also pleasant and exhilarating. We rode past rice paddies, and little restaurants and people by the side of the road. Over a really big bridge, by the water, past hotels etc etc. Ride a bike is a wonderful way to see a country! I just love it.
When we got there I had to go to the front desk and sign up, pay and get a pass card. Whilst little messyfish was waiting he wandered through the lobby and discovered the pool. He came screaming back, insisting that i take a look NOW. MUM!!!! YOU GOT TO SEE THIS! ITS ALL WHITE AND BEAUTIFUL! What i believe he meant by that was that he saw neat rows of white cushioned deck chairs lined up beside the infinity pool that was backed by the beautiful beach. It was a clear sunny day. This was EXCITING!
view of an oasis through the lobby

he RUNS as usual, he can not wait another second to get there

getting my pass card was a long wait. It tortured him to be so close, yet so far. The lovely staff eventually let us go to the pool. Said they would bring the card to us when it was ready. Look at that poor tortured face!

We changed and found a deck chair each. We were giving towels. The menue was in a bamboo tube by the little table under our umbrella. We ordered pizza and french fries and i ordered tira mi su for my self as a birthday treat! little messyfish had an ice cream sundae with REAL fresh raspberry on top! Oh We had spoilt ourselves that day. The pool was warm and clean and lovely. There was also a little babies pool, perfect for little messyfish who did not swim yet. It had a marble statue of an elephant that was a water fountain. The staff were divinely pleasant and helpful. Bliss! And yes, I ignored all those Australians who looked at us in horror as we approached, and hid behind their books. We did however have a lovely time talking to the italians, and another english expat. Why is so it so common for Australians to be so negative around kids? These rich white Aussies in there 5 star resort have worked hard in their jobs all year to get a little holiday in a developing nation. I am sure they need absolute peace and quiet. Thats why they came to a pool with about 60 deck chairs and a baby pool right? Sure to get silence there right? Especially if you tut tut and give dirty looks. OOOO whooops, sorry did we spalsh you? Didnt notice. WE ARE HAVING SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!
ok, deck chair, towel...check!

sit back and relax...check!

have a look around...check!

have swim and order food...check!

After the pool, we explored the kids club. Which, well...was a lovely little room full of toys and craft materials and a staff member. I tapped into the hotels WiFi and little messyfish played with the toys to his hearts content. Oh what a lovely day this was! And the staff members in that kids club were just so lovely to talk to.
ok, time to find kids club

down here mum, follow this path

ok, done, now let me play. They have free WiFi here, so I tapped in and Skyped with Mr messy fish a lot whilst we were here over the course of the next month.

Oh, and lets not forget to mention the expanses of lawn that little messy fish could run on, the pathways he could explore and the canal system that was full of carp that he could follow all over the property. It was just so awesome! Yipeeeeeee!
Then.... I got a great Skype call from Mr messy fish to wish me happy birthday, which just made my day.
time to ride home...

Then....To top it all off, would you believe it, but Linh who Ive mentioned before but will keep mentioning, had taken note of my birthday when she took my passport details on arrival. Well she and her husband Quoc arranged a surprise party for me. She cooked a special meal, AND had a great big cake with my name and happy birthday in English written on it. So Special. What a joy. One of the best birthdays I've ever had! Who could have thought? Thankyou Linh and Quoc and Mr messy fish. xxx
what a wonderful surprise! And i love the delicious soft sponge and mock cream. I have been a fan of mock cream since I was a little kid. One of my favourite "foods" on earth! And to have two whole dogs made from it! Yummoo!!

lovely meal and new friends to share my birthday dinner with. Thank you Linh and Quoc 

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