Monday, January 30, 2012

Vietnam (4):Pho (30.1.2012)

My first ever Pho in Vietnam...I think i will always remember the experience of sharing a table with other travellers, having to push our way towards the inside of the restaurant so I could sit away from the traffic and have a safe place for little messyfish to sit, discovering that little messyfish was not going to eat very much in vietnam and was much less willing to experiment with food than me, using the ipod and playing the octonoughts videos for him while I ate (either that, or chasing after him down the street and me not getting to eat or pay), worrying that whilst he held that ipod on a very busy street corner restaurant in saigon that somebody would do a snatch and run, and then i would have NOTHING to keep him seated next to me whilst I ate (yes I know how that sounds, but that is where I was at), having the most amazing and marvellous culinary experience of my life, wiping a tear from my cheek as I ate real vietnamese food in the actual real country. I had made it. I was actually there actually eating pho in Saigon. I crunched into whole green chillis, plucked fresh herb leaves from the stems and put them into my soup, threw the stems into the waste basket underneath the tables. Oh my! Little messyfish was in heaven too. The staff watched Octonoughts in delight with him on his ipod.  He loved the fish tank with goldfish in them. He loved the cold cold bottles of water to drink. He didnt love the delicious crusty french white bread or the noodles unfortunately.
I now had to put him in the Ergo and carry him back through the loud and busy streets back to our guesthouse. My back was killing. He hated the Ergo, He choose to walk beside me, ocassionally suddenly bolting or jumping over a crack. My response was to scream at him. WHY couldnt he understand it was dangerous? (Da...because he was 3....took me about a month to fully accept that. Took a lot of skype calls to my husband, crying and emails to other mums for help too!)

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