Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Vietnam (8) Day 4 (1.2.2012)

A practice run in the "ergo" before we departed. Little messyfish is about this happy when I put him in it in Saigon. Especially in the markets.
"Today I will take is super easy with little messyfish. I have booked the train and the hotel for Nha Trang". I choose The Tide Hotel at 1A Pham Van Dong, Nha Trang. It is 1km north of Tran Phu Bridge and a couple of kilometers north of the main town. Its opposite the locals beach. I am of the impression that it will be quiet and peaceful and full of local people and culture. I was also of the impression that if I stayed in the main town, that I would be bombarded with touristy culture and that would be a bad thing.
I am sick with a deep terror that I will not be ok travelling to the train station and being in the train station and getting on the train with little messyfish. I am terrified that the hotel checkout is 10am, and that I will have to be "on the streets" with him untill 11pm, when the train departs.
I try not to think about it, and take a walk to Ben Than market. We have a baby carrier AND shoes for little messyfish this time. I know the way. I know that we can cross the road right at the end of our alley way and walk most of it through the park. I am confident on the outset that it will be an easy day, and that I will have the chance to wander around the market with joy and wonder.
On the walk there, I cross the road with a couple from America. Tourists seem to get together to cross the road. We rally each other on, give each other our tips for getting across, then all say together, "ready setty walk"! Once we reached the other side, with new found adrenaline released, they told me all about what a terrible city saigon was. How they have decided to fly throughout the country rather than by train as originally planned as they have heard such terrible things about the trains. Why is Saigon a terrible city? Because the locals are very unfriendly! HA! I have experienced the opposite. Why dont they want to catch the train? Because the trains are dirty and full of theft. I am so glad that I had already bought my ticket. I am so glad that I had already travelled India by train. I am so glad I experienced the trains in Vietnam. I am so glad that I was not negative and whinging about this amazing country (yet).
When we reached the other side of the park, a traffic policeman stopped the traffic and took me by the arm and led me and little messyfish across the road all the way to the market. I would call that super friendly. And just what I needed. Unfortunately we didnt spend nearly enough time in that market. Little messyfish, I was to soon find out hates them. He holds his nose the whole time, people are constatntly touching him, pinching him and talking to him (which he also hates), and its crowded and chaotic atmosphere (which I love), sends him a bit loopy. Well....actually just upsets him, which he shows by screaming punching biting and wrestling with me when I try to hold him. No fun at all. Bummer. Note to self, take mr messyfish with me next time, and leave them both in the hotel room, whilst I while away the day in a crazy hectic Vietnamese market! So back to the park we went, for some play and some cold water.
From the rooftop of our Saigon Hotel. An exciting, crowded and busy city!

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