Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Phat's Pho Restaurant

So I ask the tourists why they are in a tourist restaurant. Are they aware that the food place across the road is 5 times better and 5 times cheaper? They say they saw a picture of the Pho on the wall, and that they know what that is, so they came in. The restaurant across the road I  refer to is a pho restaurant. But they don't see that, because they are so accustomed to graphic design, rather than their common sense of observation to inform them. I remember being very confused in India for the same reason. No signs, no understanding on my part of what goes on... I used to think "India needs better graphic design". Now I think "thankfully I am going slow enough here to work a few things out".

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Julie said...

What kind of fine fine pen are you using. It is awesome!!! Just like your artwork here!
I am so jealous of your time in Vietnam! I looked on map to see how close it was to Australia. Oh one day I will get there!!!